CNC Machining

Rapid Prototype CNC Milling Faciility

Amongst other machinery, we run a current technology 3D CNC milling machine.  It’s labelled as “Rapid Prototyping” because of the type of software used, its high spindle speed (up to 50,000rpm) and its method of “small & often” metal removal.  Our software has the ability to convert an on-screen image into a machining program, with tool paths, cutting speeds & feed rates calculated within a couple of minutes.

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Render image from 3D drawing software  This machine is used for accurate repeat machining of engine components.  Machining your logo into a rocker cover or other components can be completed quickly & easily.  “Brag” plates to fit into an existing recess can be made from basic measurements & descriptions.[/caption]

We only machine soft materials (aluminium alloys, copper etc), possible applications are combustion chambers, spark plug covers, supercharger mountings, thermostat housing base plates, inlet & exhaust manifold adaptor plates… etc.