MLS Head Gasket Modification

Multi Layer Steel Head Gaskets.

Ferriday Engineering does not make Multi Layer Steel head gaskets – but please read on as we regularly modify existing MLS gaskets.

MLS gaskets are made by “stamping” different layers from a particular grade of steel.  Each layer requires a very special die that is expensive to produce, so this type of gasket is only suited to mass production, and isn’t something that we have facilities to produce.

In our opinion, the MLS gasket is probably the ultimate head gasket for everyday use.  Almost every modern engine uses one, and if they can cope with modern high power diesels then they should be able to cope with just about anything (I believe the calorific value of diesel to be similar to petrol, but it’s denser so contains more energy by volume – bad news for “petrol”, we’re going to overtaken by “diesel” sometime soon…)!

So if there’s a MLS gasket that suits your needs, you should simply grab one, companies like Cometic Gaskets make a huge range, and one may suit you.

But, sometimes an “off the shelf” MLS gasket still may not be perfect for your application.  For example, it may be too thin.  If this is the case, we can often make an extra layer that can be added to your gasket, or even use this new layer to replace an existing layer.  If you’re considering a “Decompression Plate” with a MLS gasket, then you could consider this as an option as it’s a way of integrating the plate within a very clever sealing system.

Please feel free to call and chat about this.  It’s likely that we’ll need your gasket in order to create an exact drawing, but as always, there are no set-up or engineering charges, you only pay for the end product.  Don’t forget that although this solution may suit your engine, interfering with the head gasket design will void any manufacturers warranty!

All materials & tooling used in the manufacture of these products come from ISO9001/9002 suppliers, and all Ferriday Engineering products are made entirely in-house using current-technology CNC machinery.  Help over the phone is available should you need it – speak to Mick Tanski on 07915 719 242.

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