Manifold Adaptors

Manifold Adaptors (Inlet & Exhaust).
If you want to use a different inlet or exhaust manifold on your engine, then these plates will allow easy fitment.  The following items are on file and available within a couple of days, but most combinations can be catered for.  Just find an easily available turbo exhaust manifold from an engine that has similar port shapes & spacing, send both manifold gaskets to us, and we’ll make a plate that will get you halfway towards a turbo conversion without the need for a custom manifold.

The most common applications are –
Zetec head – CVH exhaust manifold adaptor
, allows the RS Turbo exhaust manifold to be fitted directly to a Zetec head,
Zetec head – CVH inlet manifold adaptor, allows the Efi or carb inlet manifold from the CVH to be fitted directly to a Zetec head, (see photo bottom left)
Zetec head – Rover “T” series inlet manifold adaptor
CVH head (Mfi or carb) – Rover “T” series inlet adaptor plate
CVH Efi head – CVH Mfi/carb (or vice versa) inlet adaptor plate, to correct the mis-match of port shapes
*CVH EFi plenum vertical spacer, adds 13mm clearance over rocker cover, (see photo bottom left)
*YB Cosworth inlet plenum spacer, creates extra space around the trumpets by moving the inner plenum wall further away from the bell-mouth.
The average price of an adaptor plate is £108.00 plus P&P (those marked with an * are cheaper), they are made from 6082T6 aluminium alloy that is 12.7mm thick – please feel free to ask for any modification to the drawing, each plate is made specially for you so changes are no problem.  Most inlet manifold gaskets are kept in stock, average price is around £5.50 each.

This type of specially machined plate can also be used as the starting point for a custom inlet manifold or plenum – basic drawings and a gasket are often all the info needed.  Some customers have removed the flange from their chosen manifold & welded it onto the new plate, or we can machine a counterbore (any shape) to allow easy location & welding of your inlet tubing.  Once the manifold is finished, consider using a Thermal Inlet Gasket to help manage temperatures