Ferriday On Track

SDKFZ Military Foundation
Gaskets were supplied to Paul last year for the Foundation’s Jadpanther Maybach 27 litre V12, and are working well.  Paul is now working on another HL230 engine which will require two new head gaskets.  To view the tank running around the arena at Bovington Tank Museum watch the following footage:

Richard Batty
“Hi Mike, Just thought I would let you know that we took the FTO to Santapod at the weekend (Oct 2010), the weather was crap and we only managed to get 1 run in, but oh boy what a run!  I was aiming to just get into the 10’s. I would have been happy with a 10.9/10.8 but we smashed into them with a 10.554@136.21mph.This is with your Bi-Metal Head Gaskets running 560bhp at the wheels.  I’m looking forward to next season already.”  Watch the footage below.Update – June 2014 – with 1051hp Richard has set a new European FWD ¼ mile record of 8.859 seconds @ 174mph at Shakespeare County Raceway.  That’s kinda cool Richard, lol.

Danny Kirk
Danny owns one of the fastest Sapphire Cosworth 4×4’s in the country.  After getting through several different types of head gasket (he didn’t even make it to the strip on one occasion) he decided to use our solid copper solution, and ran like this for several years.The car is in full road trim, with leather interior, stereo, (tool kit!!), road tyres – so nothing has been stripped out, but still manages to run a standing quarter in 11.1 seconds!Danny has done all the engine assembly & set-up himself.  Ferriday’s involvement has been – a solid copper head gasket with Ferriday Sealing Rings, CNC machined combustion chambers, 6.0mm Thermal Inlet Gasket with double rubber o-rings, Thermal Exhaust Plate and an inlet plenum spacer.  All this has been built into a fresh engine for 2007.If you’re looking for someone to apply some cost effective TLC to your Cosworth YB you could do a lot worse than to speak with Danny. “DanDanTheNitrousMan” has tried, tested, and occasionally destroyed most components that are on the market, all out of his own pocket, so he knows exactly what will work and what will last.  Phone 01582 502129.Thanks to Gus at www.nitro-burners.com for use of these photos
Mick Rogers
We’ve been involved with Mick and his Cosworth YB for the last 6 years, helping with most of the engine machining (reboring, honing, cylinder head machining etc), general advice, a solid copper head gasket with Ferriday Sealing Rings, a Thermal Inlet Gasket and an inlet plenum spacer.  This car runs 387bhp at the wheels plus a huge shot of nitrous, and is seriously quick.  It’s a regular at the drag strips and has a best time of 10.5 second standing quarter.  Mick undertakes some interesting work from his premises in Wolverhampton, and can be reached on 01902 311449.  His speciality is the preparation & fabrication of fast road & race cars, including non-standard engine installations.Mick Rogers

Thanks to Gus at www.nitro-burners.com for use of these photos

Graham BahrBahr
Graham competes his BMW E30 with a turbocharged S14 engine in the Dunlop Motorsport News Saloon Car Championship, and recently broke his own lap record at Snetterton with a time of 1m 16.6sec.  The engine is built by Graham using a Ferriday Bi-Metal head gasket, then set up by Dave Walker of Emerald ECU’s to produce 490bhp, with 440lb/ft at just 14psi of boost.