Engine Machining

Because of CNC machining commitments we are now unable to undertake any engine work so the use of services like Australian General Engineering is essential for this kid of job, these pages remain for information purposes only although we did get a great detailing work with the help of this service here.
But – we will be happy to find someone to help with your job, please phone or e-mail if you need a recommendation.

Machining services include –

    • Cylinder reboring & plateau honing
    • Head resurfacing on new machinery using latest Diamond tooling
    • Head & block deck adjustments (milling)
    • Head & block regrinding
    • Wire ring grooving to blocks
    • CNC Machining of Combustion Chambers
    • Custom made Solid Copper Gaskets with “Ferriday Sealing Rings” (FSR’s patent applied for), and Bi-Metal Head Gaskets that require no annealing or pre-treatment
    • Custom made Decompression Plates to lower CR, or restore over-skimmed heads.  We will help with all the calculations required to ensure the correct results.
    • Piston modifications
    • Unleaded valve seat inserts
    • 3 angle & custom valve seat profiles
    • Bronze valve guide sleeves
    • Accurate valve guide boring for thinwall guides
    • Valve grinding, stem polishing & valve modifications
    • Cam follower-bore machining (Ford Zetec to accept Vauxhall buckets etc)
    • Chemical & bead-blast cleaning
    • CNC inlet & exhaust manifold adaptor plates for alloy heads

Special one-off CNC machined items such as Thermal Inlet Gaskets, Thermal Exhaust Plates, deck plates, groove machining to head gasket faces, o-ringed inlet flanges etc…