Performance CVH

Because of CNC machining commitments we are now unable to undertake any engine work, these pages remain for information purposes only.  But – we will be happy to find someone to help with your job, please phone or e-mail if you need a recommendation.

We produce a range of increased capacity performance Ford CVH short engines that are tailored to suit each individual application. These engines offer a significant torque and power increase and start at a similar price to that of a mildly tuned standard capacity unit. For example:

1800 CVH XR2, XR3 etc. – an instant increase that only extra capacity can give, now available in semi-built kit form. A short motor ready to accept all 1.6 components including the Lean-Burn or Hemi head (once it has been suitably machined for the correct compression ratio). All you’ll need to complete the job is a full gasket set with head bolts & timing belt, and enough technical know-how to assemble the ancillaries – full technical help is available over the phone.

1800 CVH RS Turbo – watch out for Ben Birch’s new engine in Performance Ford Magazine. As above, a short motor for home assembly starts at £, please phone for more details (contact details here).  Ian Rollings recently purchased an 1800 short motor for his Escort RST and did all the assembly himself, with good results.  A rolling road session showed 194bhp and 242lb/ft torque.  Spec includes standard head, Piper 285T2 cam with vernier pulley, Turbo Technics stage 1 hybrid turbo with 34 actuator & GRS intercooler, running at 15psi boost. Nice.  Ian’s now looking for 220bhp – I’ll keep you informed.  If you’re building your own turbo conversion we can help you achieve the correct compression ratio, either with a Decompression Plate or by CNC Machining to the combustion chamber.

2.0 Litre CVH naturally aspirated.  Although this is the most expensive version of the CVH, it is the most satisfying!  As with the smaller versions this is a direct transplant for your existing 1600.
These units are based on a sturdier, more rigid block (American tall-block/Sierra) than the stock 1600, and are available in any combination of front or rear wheel drive, carburettor, K & KE Jetronic and Electronic Fuel Injection.  All are available in semi-built kit form, all parts are available to complete the job, with full technical help by phone should you need it.

Built for direct bolt-in transplant,  i.e. – all dipsticks, mountings, filters etc will be in the correct place, all ancillary components fit with no modifications – no messing!  Although all of these units are available in various stages of tune, the original starting points are identical. A bit of forward thinking pays dividends here – decide what spec you’d ultimately like, and let me build the bottom end to suit that spec. Fit it with a standard head & cam, and worry about the rest as more time & funds become available. You’ll still get a nice performance increase, but with the satisfaction of knowing that greater power outputs can be achieved later.

Performance Ford Magazine journalist Ben Birch had a Ferriday 1800 CVH in his XR2 for some time, and was pleased with the 137 BHP at the wheels (155 flywheel) that it developed through a single carb!  Ben is in the process of building a Fiesta from scratch exactly the way he wants it (RWD), and will be cataloguing both the car & engine build each month in Performance Ford magazine. This time he’s going for a Ferriday 1800 turbo engine with Cosworth management, custom Accralite pistons, Farndon rods, & R.E.C. valves. Should be interesting…  Update – Ben’s project didn’t get finished, but the engine now has a new owner.  We’re staying in touch & will put more info on how the engine performs as it becomes available.

CVH Solid Lifters – our own design of CVH Solid Lifter Cam Kits

Cylinder Heads – modified for increased performance