Performance Cologne V6

Because of CNC machining commitments we are now unable to undertake any engine work, these pages remain for information purposes only.  But – we will be happy to find someone to help with your job, please phone or e-mail if you need a recommendation.

Purrfect Tune XR4x43000cc V6 Cologne short motor –
The pistons I used to use for the 3150cc Cologne are only occasionally available, but a sensibly priced 3.0 litre version is readily available. Standard heads onto this block will give just over 10:1 compression ratio, add a 285 Piper cam & you’ll have a nice driveable engine that will knock spots of the 2.8 version.

The Power Curve – 3150cc V6 Cologne is still here if you’d like to look.

Cylinder Heads – modified for increased performance

I’ve recently written a CNC program for reshaping the combustion chambers of the 2.8 head (2.9 soon).  This will be especially useful for owners of turbo’d or supercharged Colognes as the new chamber will have more volume & extra space around each valve (de-shrouding) to help flow.  More info will be placed soon, or speak to Mike Tanski (contact details here).