Welcome to Ferriday Engineering.

We hope you enjoy looking through this site and getting a feel of what we can (and can’t) do.  Throughout the site, any lettering that is coloured blue contains a link to whatever is being described.

Ferriday Engineering is a small company run by Mike Tanski, an engine builder and machinist with over 38 years experience.  We have various machining facilities including 3D CNC milling with up to 50,000rpm spindle speed and micro-drop & airjet lubrication, CNC plasma cutting, low power laser cutting, 3D scanning and 3D printing, all current technology machinery that allows us to manufacture our range of specialist engine & engineering components.

Our range of products includes Decompression Plates, modifications to Multi Layer Steel head gaskets, Thermal Inlet Gaskets & Thermal Exhaust Plates, and Inlet & Exhaust Manifold Adaptor Plates.  We also produce Soft Gaskets in small batch quantities without incurring any tooling costs, as well as a CNC Plasma cutting facility that cuts steel profiles up to 10mm thick.

If you have a particular job in mind, send an e-mail or call us by phone, we’d love to help.  Technical jobs are always satisfying to produce, but cosmetic items also have a place.  Don’t be afraid to ask – if we can’t do it we’ll tell you.

You’ll also see some pages under the heading of “Archives“.  These are services that we no longer offer, but have left the information up for reference.  If there’s anything in these pages that you think we may be able to help with, please don’t hesitate to ask for advice, we’ll be happy to try and point you to someone that can help.

You can phone Mike & Tracy Tanski on 01559 372143 (other contact details here) or e-mail miketanski@gmail.com